MOUSSA MOAADEL Realtors, Inc. is a prestigious boutique real estate company, specializing in the sale of high-end homes, land, land development, and commercial property in prime Maryland, Washington, and Northern Virginia locations. 



(Associate Broker)

SEAN MOAADEL is a lifelong Realtor whose career started as early as age 5, setting up ‘For Sale’ signs in the yard of his Father’s listings. Inspired from his childhood, Sean joined the family business and has become a major force in the sale of real estate; closing deals on homes in Potomac, Bethesda and the surrounding areas in Montgomery County, Maryland. Sean’s amicable demeanor allows him to build and maintain client relationships with many residents in the community. His charm helps him consult clientele, but it’s music and nature that help his soul relax.



​MOUSSA MOAADEL entered the real estate world in 1968. He has been highly effective in the sale of luxury homes, dealing with the Ordinary; Super Stars; Ambassadors and President of the United States. He has been featured in more than 200 major publications in the world from Japan to Israel, Iran and the USA. He has been praised for hard work, integrity, and unparallel success.

As we know it now, the real estate industry is the foundation of the U.S. economy, if not the foundation of the entire global economy. There has been one ambition for MOUSSA MOAADEL since he was awakened to the business world, and that was being in "real estate" especially the marketing of real estate.

Celebrating their 50th year in Real Estate